Janey Goodearl

Janey Goodearl, Alexander Technique teacher in Semi Supine

I had a whole host of unexplained aches and pains for many years; mostly joint pains, bad back, neck and hips. Convinced there must be something wrong with me I approached the medical profession and after many years of treatment, both medical and alternative, I eventually came across the Alexander Technique, in 2002. At the time I was looking for 'someone else' to fix me but I discovered I could learn to help myself, which was a new way of thinking for me. I learnt to become pain free and use my mind and body to its best potential. I went on to train at Queens Park School in London where I qualified in 2007 after three years of full time training.

I am a certified teacher of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STATCert).

Alexander Technique continues to be my passion. I maintain my learning through having lessons, organising and attending regular workshops, meeting and sharing work with other teachers in the UK and beyond. I feel it is a privilege to teach this work and to have met so many truly amazing people interested in learning about it.


f m Alexander (1869-1955)

The Alexander Technique is the discovery of F.M.Alexander. An aspiring Australian actor, who discovered he could 'learn to help himself' after years of looking to the medical profession to fix him. After years of work on himself he increased his awareness and he discovered that the human body works best according to its design. By bringing it back into balance the body as a whole becomes better aligned. This healthier alignment in turn encourages an improvement in general functioning, breathing, circulation and digestion. Your Muscle tone improves as undue tensions, both physical and mental are released and a greater sense of poise and well-being is experienced.

Janey Goodearl and F.M. Alexander