Move with Freedom & Ease

Could your aches and pains be helped by more awareness of what you are doing in your daily life?

The Alexander Technique is a skill for life, so if you choose to have just one lesson, attend a one day workshop or come on a group course you can learn a lot of useful tools to go away and work with in your daily life. By using your body's natural intelligence you can learn to improve balance, posture, self awareness, general well being and improve your life!

Based upon Alexander's principles we can engage our Primary Control, the natural balance of the head on top of the spine and the head, neck and back. If we allow the head to lead the body will follow.  Think about how naturally small children move before they learn to create harmful habits of movement and thought and all is not lost!

Janey Goodearl STATcert

Alexander Technique Teacher

I was recommended the Alexander Technique in 2002. I went on a six week evening course and then had on going one to one lessons. My teacher suggested I could go on to train and it is the best piece of advice I have taken up! It is an enjoyable learning experience, an effective way to maintain your health and well being and it helps manage and reduce most types of pain and tension.

Scientifically Proven

The Alexander Technique is a proven method of Learning to help yourself.

Research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) proved that Alexander Technique Lessons improve function, quality of life and reduce chronic back pain.